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USA Cold Light Laser Teeth Whitening Technology

        Cold light whitening technology is the use of high molecular special cold light technology. The system emits a high-intensity blue light and with the application of whitening agent to remove teeth stains. The United States cold light whitening technology was introduced and use by AKJ Dental Hospital.

        The combination of cold laser and whitening agent whitens visitor's teeth. The low temperature cold light laser treatment can completely avoid the nerve stimulation. The main substance is hydrogen peroxide whitening agent causing no harm to the gums and tooth enamel structure. The whitening effect is sustainable for over two years with no side effects.

  • ★ Yellow teeth inheritance
  • ★ Yellow teeth development as age increases
  • ★ dental fluorosis
  • ★ tetracycline teeth
Teeth whitening You just need to step 6

AKJ Oral Digital
Whitening Center

AKJ Dental Hospital is currently the largest professional dental chain in Southern China. Due to its strong reputation, AKJ is the first pick by local residents when it comes to dental treatments. Also, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority, our experienced professional dentists are here to provide top quality dental whitening treatment with natural satisfying results.

Whitening Cases

Disclaimer: only one case, the effect varies)

Disclaimer: only one case, the effect varies)