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Shenzhen AKJ Stomatological Hospital network Disclaimer: visitors to this site and through all kinds of way to use the site, will be regarded as the entire contents of the statement of no objection for approval; if you have any questions, please consult with the site immediately, and obtain the written consent of the network station;

First of all visitors to this website and the related behavior in the (including but not limited to browse, use, reprint, publicity), must be in good faith and prudent manner; not to use this website in any way directly or indirectly in violation of China law, international conventions and social morality and behavior. Visitors should abide by the following commitments:

1, transmission and use of information in accordance with Chinese law, the provisions of the international convention, in line with public order and good customs;

2, do not put the site and the associated network services for illegal purposes and improper use;

3, do not interfere and disrupt the site and the associated network services;

4, comply with the site and related to the network service agreement, regulations, procedures and practices, etc.;

Second this website solemnly remind visitors: please download the relevant works in reprint, upload or be sure to respect the copyright and copyright; if you find you are not signed works, please contact us immediately, we will be the first time with your signature or related processing;

Third except we expressly stated or Chinese law is mandatory, the website user's original works, the author of this website and shared copyright, other websites and traditional media, if used, must obtain a written authorization of this website, without authorization is forbidden or for other commercial purposes;

Fourth this site has the right to publish the works in this website for other purposes, including websites, text, pictures, etc., with the exception of the copyright notice;

Fifth published on this website in various forms (including but not limited to text, pictures, charts) works for reference use, does not mean that this site agree with the statement or description, only provide more information, does not constitute any investment advice; for all visitors to the website according to the information provided by the act, unless otherwise clearly written commitments, otherwise the website does not assume any form of responsibility;

Sixth when the site links to other sites recommended forms of content, the website is not responsible for the availability of these sites or resources, and does not guarantee from the website to get any content, products, services or other material authenticity, legitimacy, for any use or reliance from such sites or access to resources the content, products, services or other materials caused by (or claim cause) of any direct or indirect loss, this website shall not bear any responsibility;

Seventh visitors to the site when the registration of a number of personal information, the site in addition to your own accident, will not be any information to any user information to any party;

Eighth when the government departments and judicial organs in accordance with legal procedures require the website disclosure of personal data, this website will according to the requirements of the law enforcement unit or for the purpose of public security to provide personal information, any disclosure in this case, this website all exemption;

Ninth because the user will be personal password to inform others or share with others registered accounts, resulting in any personal data leakage, the site does not bear any responsibility;

Tenth of any problem, because the computer hacker attacks, virus outbreak or because of government regulation caused a temporary close effect of personal data leakage, force majeure caused by the normal operation of the network is lost, stolen or tampered with, this website all exemption;

The eleventh of this website because if the line and the company control outside the scope of a hardware failure or other force majeure caused suspended loss or inconvenience caused to suspend the service period, this site is not responsible;

Twelfth of the site's statement as well as its right to modify, update and final interpretation rights are all Beijing people's hospital;

We have more than thirteenth website legal statement released in August 1, 2008 and entered into force, visitors must carefully read and agree to this statement; visitors to this site including but not limited to browse, use, reprint, publicity, links, as visitors agree with this disclaimer.

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September 1, 2016