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Futian VIP Dental Implants Center

FutianVIP Dental Implants Center is one of the three largest implant center in Shenzhen. Located in 4/F of Kim Chong Commercial Building, Exit D of Fumin MTR Station, CBD of Futian District (福田中心商务区福民地铁站D出口,金庄商业楼4层), transportation is very convenient.

Futian VIP Implants Center is one of the three major dental implant centers of AKJ Dental Hospital Group, consisting of two independent implant operating theaters and a number of dental restoration clinics. AKJ Dental Hospital Group invested over millions of dollars to set up boutique VIP treatment zone for the purpose of building the strongest and best equipped implanting service center in Shenzhen. Our partnership with Peking University continues to carry out long-term research on new technologies and new projects, led by a team of senior experts from Peking University School of Stomatology. New technologies such as the Germany ANKYLOS and BEGO, United States and South Korea DIO BICON and the four authoritative global implant systems allowing AKJ Dental Hospital to form a chain of strong dental clinic. Supports from the US and Korean companies grant us the opportunity to formulate the best and the strongest implant center. We use oral digital panoramic X-ray machines to carry out a thorough oral examination. Our implant center is complete with elegant office design, warm therapeutic environment and visitors can enjoy comforting background music in the most relaxing environment. International advanced equipment, expert medical knowledge, a delicate and thoughtful service system allow you to enjoy a pleasurable and comfortable visit to AKJ Dental Hospital.