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  • Heng Ya Dental Clinic

    Heng Ya Dental Clinic, the largest dental clinic of AKJ in Nanshan District, located at the junction of Nanhai Boulevard and No. Industrial Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, nearby Shekou Ferry (深圳市南山区南海大道与工业八路交汇处毗邻蛇口码头). It features more than 30 independent examination rooms, sterilization room, X-ray room, laboratory, sterile storage room. Professional physicians from famous universities such as Hong Kong University and Peking University join AKJ dental and provide services of implants, cosmetic, orthodontics, oral surgery and etc. Our tenet is "professional, caring and quality assurance", providing you a high-e

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  • Heng Mei Dental Clinic

    AKJ Heng Mei Dental Clinicis located at 5/F of Haian Building (海岸大厦五楼), the most significant end commercial building of Nanshan business and culture center, nearby some of the popular buildings such as the biggest shopping center, Coastal City (海岸城), and Kempinski Hotel, which makes transportation very convenient. AKJ Heng Mei Dental Clinic was decorated with European-style tone, comfortable and relaxing environment and imported high quality equipment and technical facilities such as the U.S. Adec dental chair, Finland planmeca digital panoramic X-ray machine, gutta percha filling equipment from Germany and Italian made high temperature a

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  • Futian VIP Dental Implants Center

    FutianVIP Dental Implants Center is one of the three largest implant center in Shenzhen. Located in 4/F of Kim Chong Commercial Building, Exit D of Fumin MTR Station, CBD of Futian District (福田中心商务区福民地铁站D出口,金庄商业楼4层), transportation is very convenient.Futian VIP Implants Center is one of the three major dental implant centers of AKJ Dental Hospital Group, consisting of two independent implant operating theaters and a number of dental restoration clinics. AKJ Dental Hospital Group invested over millions of dollars to set up boutique VIP treatment zone for the purpose of building the strongest and best equipped implanting service cente

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  • Wang Qi Dental Clinic

    Wang Qi Dental Clinic is AKJ Dental Hospital’s 9th clinic in Shenzhen, located at Store No. 107, Block C Haiyue Huacheng, Yunong Village, Futian District (福田区渔农村海悦华城C座商铺107号). Within a minute walk from Hong Kong, Lok Ma Chau Port, transportation is very convenient for visitors traveling between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. With its clean, elegant and comfortable clinical environment, Wang Qi Clinic is equipped with six independent consulting rooms, x-ray room, sterilization room and a sterile storage room. The clinic is operated by 5 experience dentists, specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases, complex tooth ext

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News & Events

  • Why the dentist recommends to extract one wisdom tooth at a time?2019-5-17 “I have 4 wisdom teeth to remove, but I don’t want to go through the pain for 4 times. Moreover, it is too troublesome to pay multiple visits. So doctor, may I have all the 4 pulled at a time, or at least 2 of them? I saw a lot of others had 2 wisdom teeth extracted in one visit.” The doctor repl...

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  • Consequences of Improper Application of Dental Sealants2019-5-16 Dental sealants are widely used to prevent tooth decay clinically. But some parents unfamiliar with it may still be convinced by the rumor: teeth coasted by dental sealants are decayed more easily. Is this true? As the picture shows, the pits and fissures on the biting surfaces of the teeth ...

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  • Is it necessary to treat acute pulpitis when the pain is gone?2019-5-15 Pulp tissue is located inside the tooth. An acute pulp inflammation can intensify the pressure in the close space, causing severe pain. The best way to alleviate the pain is to have a dentist to open the pulp chamber and remove the pulp. In most cases, the pain will go away after pulpectomy....

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