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The digital dental restoration is a popular dental restoration system, and it requires a single visit to complete the whole restoration process. The CAD-CAM technology is used internationally, the computer-aided design and production which is designed for the production porcelain dental restoration.

Technological advancement has changed the way the dental industry operates, reducing denture manufacturing production time to less than ten days. Using Direct 3D digital cameras, our technician can immediately compute and create set of new all-ceramic dental crown, porcelain inlays or porcelain veneers within a short period of time. With exceptional appearance and strength, many dentists considered it one of the best form of restoration.

  • A. Immediate Restoration
    A.Immediate Restoration

    Digital aesthetic restorations, the 3D camera is able to capture details of the teeth, quickly and efficiently restores a patient's teeth in one hour with full satisfaction.

  • B. Solid and Durable
    B. Solid and Durable

    Digital aesthetic restoration with consistent superior restoration results, products are high strength, good reliability and usability.

  • C. Natural Beauty
    C. Natural Beauty

    Comparing with products with similar prices, the transparency is better, even under poor dental conditions. One can also build an excellent foundation to match a suitable color for your teeth, with 16 colors to choose from.

  • D. Custom Fitment
    D. Custom Fitment

    Depending on the oral condition, facial structure, color of the patient, the all-digital precision measurement system can design the most suitable and fine fitment for your teeth by a senior dental technician. The system allows a precise, natural, comfortable, beautiful and highest standard of dental restoration.


1.Excellent compatibility.
2.Fine transparency and significant strength.
3.Great natural tooth color matching, thus leading to great appearance.
4.There're many colors to choose from --- transparent, moderately transparent, opaque.

United States of America Lava Crown

1、Precise bonding: The 3M ESPE technology offers top high quality dental crowns and bridges. The comfortable and perfect fitment allows maximum enjoyment when dinning.
2、Natural Beauty: The 3M ESPE Crown offers natural teeth coloring, with up to 26 color matching, it is simply the best crown available on the market.
3、Firm and wear resistant: Zirconia 3M crowns are extremely durable, the materials used for crown production are also found on space shuttle heat shield and high performance disc brakes.

Sweden Procera Crown

1. Great appearance and quality and more importantly, it has a fine microstructure that can transmit, refract and scatter light.
2. Procera crown is engineered for perfect fitment, the three dimensional technology grants comfort and ease during usage.
3. High biomechanical strength – High strength material are used for maximum durability.
4. Excellent biocompatibility, therefore, it does not cause allergic reaction and it's suitable for long-term oral use.

Swiss E-max High-Strength Porcelain Teeth

1. Aesthetics: All ceramic crown with an appealing translucent color that is strong and appealing.
2. Highly resistant to wear: The strength of the crown is measured up to 420MPA of force.
3. They are strong and long lasting compared with to regular dental crowns.
4. Ultra-thin dental veneers are also applicable to reduce the abutment.

3D Digital Dental Zirconia

1.Superior Intelligent design and high quality, the Zirconia crown is 5 times stronger than porcelain.
2.CAD / CAM design ensures high strength, long usage without the doubt of a chipped crown.
3.Rich natural teeth colouring to satisfy each individual needs.
4.High biocompatibility and translucent enough to be similar to natural teeth.