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  • Crowded teeth

  • Diastema

  • Misaligned bite

  • bucktooth

  • malocclusion  / underbite 

3D digital guided system is an international leading system. It is based on oral medical studies, bio-mechanics, computer science and computer 3D simulation technology. The combination is to allow the dentist to perform pin point accurate measurement. The measurement is from proper jaw movement to dental conditions of the patient. facial movement analysis. The final step is to simulate the patients proper bite and teeth contact point, this system will ensure the finest and the most accurate treatment.

3D Digital Guided System is best for actress, lawyers, instructors and senior managers. 3D digital guided system can be widely used to many types of treatment, it provides a supreme imaging for crowded teeth dislocation malalignment, jaw misalignment, buck teeth, bimaxillary protrusion, overbite, misaligned bite and diastema.

Lingual invisible braces technologyInvisalign Invisible Angel Orthodontics treatmentCeramic Braces

Disclaimer: only one case, the effect varies)

Ceramic Braces  Ms. Chan Age 19

Clinic Location: AKJ Dental Hospital Orthodontics specialist

Patient complaints:Misaligned teeth causing difficult to chew and poor appearance.
Treatment Plan: ceramic braces, tooth extraction and occlusal adjustment.

Treatment Outcome: Alignment of the upper and lower teeth, extraction treatment, improved appearance, correct mandibular deviation and proper jaw alignment

Treatment Period: 20 Months

Observation: Stable condition after 5 years.

Disclaimer: only one case, the effect varies)

Invisalign  Ms. Yang, Age 30

Clinic location: Shenzhen AKJ Dental Hospital Orthodontics specialist.

Patient Complaints: The patients' natural sharp teeth were irritating her.
Treatment plan: Invisalign treatment, exquisite design, and great occlusal adjustments.

Treatment Outcome: Reduced lip pinch, proper upper and lower teeth alignment, closed extraction gap, central incisor were properly aligned.

Treatment Period: 24 Months

Disclaimer: only one case, the effect varies)

Lingual Braces Treatment:   Ms. Guo,Age 25

Clinic Location: Shenzhen AKJ Dental Hospital

Patient Complaint:Teeth misalignment, request Invisalign treatment.
Treatment Plan: lingual treatment device, rear teeth extraction, close extraction gap, occlusal adjustment.

Treatment outcome: Balanced facial structure, upper and lower teeth alignment, close extraction gap, central incisor were properly aligned, reduces dental gap size and does not require dental implants after the lingual treatment.

Treatment Time: 22 months

Observation: Stable oral condition during the 3 years and 6 months of observation.