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Dental implant is a replacement of a loss tooth. Implants provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable denture. With available technology, natural color matching can be accomplished at ease. With perfect tooth functions and appearance, anyone can eat and smile with confidence.

AKJ Dental Hospital is the first to adapt "minimally invasive implant" treatment in China. Under the aid of the system, it can precisely measure the patient's oral structure and use accurate data comparison to quickly match the standard structural model. This approach automatically creates an accurate visualization to guide the implant fitment.

  • Left over debris
    Left over debris caught in between teeth can cause bad breath, dental caries, and periodontal disease.

  • Alveolar Bone Atrophy
    Teeth loss can cause uneven distribution bite force causing a various degree of alveolar atrophy.
  • The loss of the dentition.
    If a missing tooth is left unintended, if will begin losing its supportive bone. Overtime, it could easily lead to impaired jaw function.
  • Masticatory Dysfunction
    A missing tooth will change the contact point of a set of teeth, reduces chewing ability and increases the burden of the gastrointestinal system resulting in a series of health risks.
  • Affects Facial Appearance
    Subsequent loss of tooth leads to alveolar bone resorption, the softening of the lip and cheek and more facial wrinkles.
● Missing one tooth ● Missing teeth or multiple tooth ● Special appearance and function request ● Damaged tooth enamel and do not wish to use denture

01.01.Multiple Tooth Loss Dental Implant Restoration

Disclaimer: only one case, the effect varies)
02.02.Extraction Immediate Implant

Disclaimer: only one case, the effect varies)
03.Full Mouth Dental Implant Restoration

Disclaimer: only one case, the effect varies)