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Dr. Hu Shaojun is a senior clinician in implant and cosmetic dentistry and member of Dental Implant Committee of CSA. He has successfully completed professional Global OSSTEM AIC Hands-on Course and has earned certification from Sweden Noble Biocare. He has also been a visiting scholar to Loma Linda University. After completing his study of Dental Cosmetic Restoration in Wuhan University and Peking University, he has further completed the master clinician program in Implant Dentistry of gIDE. Here are some of his honors: the 1st prize of Guangdong Case Competition in 2 consecutive years; the 1st prize of AKJ Annual Case Competition for in 3 consecutive years. Besides, he has been invited to attend symposium together with outstanding peer dentists in South Korea and German.

Dr. Hu Shaojun

Rich clinical experience
More than 5000 cases

Good at:Processing aesthetic dental restoration by implementing CAD/CAM and concept of MICD and DSD. He specializes in coping with failure cases of dental restoration, like poor tooth marginal adaptation and abnormal tooth form and color. In such fields as MI dental implant, implant restoration, MI extraction and exquisite RCT, he usually thinks uniquely and yields a favorable result.

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Multiple Standards

With regard to standards and treatment plan of dental restoration, Dr. Hu said that it's necessary to strictly stick with the standards of Oral Aesthetics, Facial Aesthetics and Digital Smile Design. Moreover, it is of great essence as well to fully consider patients' dental condition, so as to make a customized plan.


Dr. Hu taking oral checkup for patients


Dental Treatment


Dental treatment room

Healthy & Aesthetic

According to Dr. Hu, no matter which dental technique is applied, veneers, all-porcelain tooth or dental implant, by no means can aesthetic performance be perceived as the single indicator. Efforts should be made first to remain healthy and functional of the teeth. Then you can pursue further for cosmetic design and restoration.


Checkup and analysis before treatments


Underway treatment


Completion of treatment

Ideal Result

Dr. Hu will talk to the patients and track the result periodically. In his opinion, Followup service is not only an examination for the result, but also a summary and enhancement of personal technique. Thus we should persist in doing that well.


Dr. Hu conducting treatments for patients


Completion of treatment


Before treatments


After treatments





Treatment plan

Underway treatment


Return visit

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  • Dental restoration refers to a technique of fixing dental problems, so as to restore an integrated alignment and guarantee a normal mastication and occlusal relation. When mentioning dental restoration, most patients will lay their concerns on its pain, cost and material.

  • Being a currently prevailing approach of dental cosmetic restoration, dental veneer has become a favorable option for a large population who pursue after a good looking. Then how much will it cost? Actually a few factors will impact its cost, including material, number and hospital.

  • It refers to a kind of technique for dental restoration. Enjoying a high compatibility to human bone, an artificial root made of Titanium will be implanted into the alveolar bone where there is tooth loss. After the dental implant integrates into the bone, a porcelain dental crown will be put over the artificial root.

  • Massively impacting personal image, yellow teeth is indeed an annoying issue in our daily life. Generally speaking, those with yellow teeth will seek dental whitening in a timely manner in order to improve their image. It is both the result and cost that most people concern about.