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As the director of Dental Implant Center of AKJ Dental Hospital, Dr. Lu Yonghui also serves as the vice director of German IZI Dental Implant Training Center (China), a visiting scholar to University of Frankfurt, and a member of both CSA Dental Implant Committee and Guangdong Dental Implant Committee. After his graduation from Sun Yat-sen University, Dr. Lu has engaged in dental implant for over 20 years. He has further studied in German IZI Dental Implant Training Center and University of Frankfurt. He has published several professional articles on National Journal and addressed public speeches on some great academic conferences.

Dr. Lu Yonghui

Rich clinical experience
Thousands of cases

Good at:different advanced dental implant systems, like Germany ANKYLOS and Sweden NobelGuide; minimally invasive implant, immediate implant and implant cosmetic restoration.

Thinking: Thinking: As an implant dentist, you should focus on the safety and longevity of the dental implant, try best to implant once and for all.

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Accurate Diagnosis

It's imperative to take a thorough examination before implant surgery, including panorama digital oral examination, evaluation of oral environment and alveolar bone condition. Besides, it's necessary to diagnose if there are age-related diseases like cardiac-cerebral vascular disease. After comprehensively analyzing the data, you are able to confirm if the patient is suitable for conducting dental implant and work out a customized treatment plan. Only by this way can you guarantee a smooth surgery and a perfect result.


Dr. Lu taking oral checkup for patient


Dental implant room


Dr. Lu conducting dental implant for patient

Comfortable & Short-time

During the surgery, 3D model-oriented technique and accurate fixed positioning system are applied, along with anesthesia, to guarantee trauma-less and pain-less. Moreover, traditional way that to implant where there is a tooth loss is abandoned. It requires only 4-6 dental implants to restore the function of half or full mouth of teeth. The result of using your tooth right after implanting it turns into reality, reducing the risk and cost.


Underway dental implant surgery


Conducting dental implant


Completion of dental implant

Safe & Durable

The surgery is safe without side effects, producing a stable result. Besides, the color of the dental implant is nearly the same as a natural one. To guarantee the longevity of the dental implant, Dr. Lu Yonghui will pay a continuous attention to patients' conditions within several years after surgery. When patients pay a return visit, he will record the relevant condition of the dental implant and patiently offer the correct after-surgery care instructions to patients.


Dr. Lu Yonghui analyzing the patient's condition


Dental implant room


Before dental implant


After dental implant

  • 种植牙案例

    Dental implant case


  • 种植牙前后对比案例

    Before and after dental implant


  • 种植牙案例

    Before and after dental implant






Treatment plan

Underway treatment


Return visit

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  • In terms of chewing performance, an implant tooth is more close to a natural tooth. However, it's quite expensive, costing thousands and even tens of thousands Yuan to implant one. Therefore, many a patient doubt that how long can an implant tooth be used.

  • Nowadays, there are several materials of dental implant available, including carbon material, metal material and porcelain material. They differ from each other in terms of characteristics, performance and cost.

  • At present, many elderly people are suffering from tooth loss. It not only brings inconvenience to their life, but also does severe harm to their physical health. As is said, mouth is the first shield for overall health. Ill teeth will ruin the joy of dinning process, and even trigger other diseases.

  • In general, one of the successful standards for a dental implant is that there are no signs of looseness when patients are chewing on foods. It can be considered as a failure if a dental implant gets loose after using one or two years without emergence of other dental diseases.