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Periodontitis Treatment and Crown Lengthening Surgery

 Age: 25

Sex: Female

Complaint: 3 years ago, Miss Luo received metal ceramic restoration because of ugly upper incisors. After restoration, Luo was suffering from gingival bleeding and swollen. Several times of washing and usage of antibiotics are ineffective.
        Diagnosis: periodontitis

        Solution : periodontitis treatment and crown lengthening surgery

       Attending Physician: Dr. Yang Qi

       Location: Heng Ya Dental Clinic of AKJ

25 year-old Miss Luo is secretary of the board of directors in a international logistics corporation in HK. She is tall, slim and good-looking. VIP reception and speeches are parts of her job, so she knew clearly that white, tidy and healthy teeth is especially important for her.                      


Three years ago, because of the business development of the company, Miss Luo was dispatched from Shenzhen to Hong Kong. Luo received metal porcelain to restore her ugly upper anterior teeth. Unfortunately, Miss Luo was suffering from bleeding and swollen gum after restoration all the time. Several times of cleaning and usage of antibiotics are ineffective to relief the pain.


Recently, her bleeding and swollen gum has bothered her for it not only has influence on her personal appearance but also normal speaking. She got the chance of going to America to take part in business negotiation with her boss. In order to solve her teeth problem, through her friend she was lucky to find Dr. Yang for help. Dr. Yang gave a complete periodontal scaling to control her periodontitis and then crown lengthening surgery.


Miss Luo is satisfied with the treatment. She was very excited and said that eventually she doesn’t have to tolerate with 'red gingival lines' anymore.

Dr. Yang says many office workers usually are too busy to have meals on time and care for their teeth, so this will cause all kinds of dental diseases. Therefore, we remind the white-collar workers of taking care their teeth so as not to be regret when they’re old.

I. Being on diet. Tooth is a confided space whose dentin underneath enamel connect with nerves. If the enamel was corroded by outside irritation, it will through dentin and affect the inner nerves. Frequent irritation will cause allergy and pain of dental pulp. Moreover, eating a lot of cool drinks will lead to serious caries ache.

II. Good sleep. Office workers are absence of sleep and they have low body immunity, which can easily cause acute attack of the dental diseases. Oral cavity itself has clean function. Whereas if people is absence of sleep and stay up, both secretion volume and the effective ingredients of  saliva will decrease. In this case the clean function of oral cavity will be weaken. To make things worse, some people like to eat snacks before going to bed. It will must increase the rate of dental diseases.

III. Control of carbonated beverages. In the past 20 years, the incidence of tooth decay in the United States was declining, but the consumption of beverage was increasing year by year. Almost most of the developed countries has the similar phenomenon that the rate of caries in children under 18 year-old was declining, but more and more people loves beverage. The time beverage reserved in the oral cavity is the key factor to the caries, that is to say, the shorter the combination time of oral bacteria and fermentable carbohydrate, the less the acid produced by the oral bacteria.

IV. Preparing dental kit in the office. Many office workers still suffer from dental caries even though brushing teeth in the morning and evening. In fact, preparing the dental kit in the office and brushing teeth after lunch. By grasping “the golden 5 minutes” can effectively relief the caries.

V. Regular cleaning. The attaching and calcifying of food residue and plaque will develop into dental calculus, Which not only influences appearance, irritates gum but also causes dental disease related to periodontitis or halitosis. What’s more, cigarette, tea and coffee will leads to discolored teeth. All these will influence personal health and relationships.

Dr. Yang suggests one should go to hospital to examine oral cavity at least once or twice a year. Last but not least, scaling dental calculus to keep oral health and personal image. Washing teeth before important appointment to show a perfect smile.