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Aesthetic restoration—Advanced Restoration of Anterior Teeth

 Attending Physician: Dr. Li Ge


Nanshan District, Heng Mei Dental Center Manager

Minimally invasive aesthetic restoration expert

Head of restoration professional academic study

Head of endodontic disease professional academic study

Global Chinese Aesthetic Dental Association executive director

Graduated from Sun Yat-sen University of Guanghua School of Stomatology, attended the Hong Kong University Faculty of Dentistry and Peking University School of Stomatology, Li is an outstanding cosmetic dental restoration dentist and he received training from the UK Lund Dental Practiceprogram (microscopic root cannel treatment and aesthetic restoration). He is the 2nd runner up of the Dentsply Cup (2010) National Root canal therapy finals. Li is also the champion of the third session (2012) 3M ESPE composite resin bonded restoration project. Aside from achievements, Dr. Li is an executive member of the T3 Club (National Dental Expert Youth Club) and the global Chinese Society Dental Aesthetics. He continues to participate exchange programs inUK, Germany, U.S and other countries to further improve his knowledge. Since 2012, Li is a very notable and respectable dentist, sharing his knowledge of minimally invasive aesthetic restoration courses with more than 10,000 dentists. 
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Restoration of anterior teeth is always one of the biggest challenges for a dentist because of the difficulties in color matching and texture; correct shade matching and layering of composite allow us, though, to get excellent aesthetic results. Here below shows a success– advanced restoration of anterior teeth diagrammatically step by step.

Img.1 – Initial situation.

Img.2 – Button try used for shade taking by using small piece of composite 1.5mm (without etching and bonding) on cervical third for dentine (light, medium, dark) and enamel (light, dark) on the incisal third and polymerized.

Img.3 – Enhanced by increasing the contrast and decreasing the brightness for shade evaluation.

Img.4 – Black and white image used to evaluate color value.

Img.5 – Isolation.

Img.6 – All sharp edges were rounded up by diamond rugby ball bur.

Img.7 – Bevel 2mm was done.

Img.8 – Etching (37% Phosphoric Acid) for 30 seconds with teflon for adjacent tooth.

Img.10 – The surfaces were dried with gentle stream of air and universal bonding agent was applied with brushing motion at least 20 seconds.

Img.11 – Dried for 5 seconds in order to evaporate the solvent , the target to get shiny surfaces without any movement of adhesive on the tooth was invisible.

Img.12 – Polymerization for 30 seconds.

Img.13 – Palatal sheel and proximal wall was made after 0.5 mm layer of light enamel applied on silicone guide.

Img.14 – Medium dentin is applied.

Img.15 – Bristle of stable brush for adaptation.

Img.16 – Adding some white tint to mimic the nature looking of the adjacent tooth.

Img.17 – Stratification of last layer of composite light enamel.

Img.18 – Polishing paste with goat brush.

Img.19 – Felt Wheel.

Img.20 – Immediately finished after rubber dam removal.

Img.21 – Final result.

Img.22 – Before and after.

In conclusion, Li Ge said that with simple techniques protocol and basic rules we can easily overcome the challenges of such cases in aesthetic zones.

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