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The Causes of Dental Fluorosis

Published on:2017-7-21

Lots people’s hearts are badly hurt by the yellow teeth. Some people may own pretty faces and slender and graceful statures, but once they open their mouths, all no longer exist. Why there are still so many ugly yellow teeth when teeth are brushed carefully every day? In this case, it is most likely the dental fluorosis is causing the trouble.

Dental fluorosis is caused by ingesting too much fluoride and consequently interferes with the enamel of the tooth while the teeth are developing. Dental fluorosis is characterized by staining and pitting of the teeth. The staining can range from white flecks to deep brown stains on the teeth surface. Medically, the dental fluorosis is classified into three types: mild dental fluorosis, moderate dental fluorosis and severe dental fluorosis. There are different solutions for different type.

Where is the excessive fluorine come from? Drinking water is one of the largest sources of fluorine. It is generally acknowledged that the appropriate water fluoride concentration is 0.8 to 1 mg per liter. So higher water fluoride concentration will lead to regional dental fluorosis. There are also other origins of the fluorine, for example, in the region of Shanxi and Hubei province, there are excessive amounts of fluorine in coal mine and consequently the excessive fluorine will enter the body by means of burning the coal or baking the food.

Dental fluorosis is always the aesthetic changes in the permanent dentition (the adult teeth) instead of milk teeth. It is because that the mineralization of the milk teeth has been finished in the period of mother’s pregnancy and the fetus is protected by the placenta so that excessive fluorine cannot enter into the fetal body.

The dental fluorosis will lead to staining and pitting of the teeth, which will interfere with the aesthetics. Moreover, excessive fluorosis will change the teeth construction and finally make a decline of the teeth hardness.


Say Bye-Bye to Dental Fluorosis

There are a few different ways that dental fluorosis can be treated according to connected degree. Cold light whitening can solve the mild dental fluorosis and moderate dental fluorosis but cannot solve the severe dental fluorosis. The severe dental fluorosis should be conquered by tooth veneer. Both the resin veneer and porcelain veneer have very good compatibility with human body, so there is no need to worry about the health threat to gum tissue. The technology of tooth veneer is increasingly mature and gradually improving so the tooth veneer is perfect regardless of color or performance. The most important is that it is unnecessary to grind off many tooth tissues like porcelain teeth.

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