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What are the comprehensive treatment of the project?

Conventional fillings, extractions, scaling, tooth loss, damage repair, whitening, pit and fissure sealant, periodontal treatment belong to general dentistry.

Causes and effects of oral diseases

Oral diseases are an external factor, common signs of oral diseases are oral ulcers, bad breath, toothache, bleeding gums, dental caries, periodontitis, tooth defects, oral cancer. Problem should be addressed right away to prevent serious complications.

Periodontal disease can infect cardiovascular tissue causing cardiovascular disease.

Periodontal disease which bacteria will enter into the bloodstream affecting the coronary artery. It can lead to blood clots, impairing blood circulation and affect the normal supply of oxygen and nutrients resulting in a heart disease.

Untreated oral diseases may cause septicemia.

Oral diseases produce different viruses and can affect other areas through the blood circulation. Long-term untreated decayed teeth or inflammation can cause sepsis.

Oral diseases harmful bacteria that can cause diabetes.

Excessive cytokine will destroy the pancreatic gland, reduces the secretion of insulin in our body. This can lead to the occurrence of type Ⅱ diabetes, hypertension, diabetes, complications of oral diseases, prevention are strongly advised to avoid further complications.

3 steps easy clean

  • Pay attention to oral hygiene Be persistent and clean your teeth morning and night, mouthwash after meals to remove debris and to reduce the formation of tartar and dental calculus.

  • Use dental floss after brushing Flossing after brushing can thoroughly clean the gap between your teeth. It is especially important because the gaps are likely to develop dental caries.

  • Regular dental check-scaler Dental cleaning is recommended once a year with a complete oral examination. This essential procedure allows you to be worry free with big savings down the road.

Common questions for general dentistry.