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Causes of Swollen and Sore Gum

Published on:2017-9-27

There are more working people who are suffering from swollen and sore gum. What are the exact causes? Are there any corresponding solutions to prevent the swollen and sore gum?



Multiple causes of swollen and sore gum


Higher competitive pressure and faster work pace and stress-inducing nervousness and irregular life routine will cause a decrease in the body's immunity and hence induce all kinds of dental diseases, such as oral ulcer, swollen and sore gum, etc.


The closed office environment is the main factor which induces dental diseases. Using air conditioning for a long time will cause bacteria to breed. People in this closed conditioning environment are very susceptible to infection with upper respiratory diseases. Then the possibility of swollen and sore gum will be markedly increased caused by the upper respiratory diseases.


Smoking, drinking coffee and strong tea due to higher pressure and intensive work are all important causes of swollen and sore gums.


The personal oral condition and physical state also account for the oral health and swollen and sore gums.


Wisdom teeth are also likely to cause swollen gums. You are suggested to communicate first with the dentist to confirm if the wisdom teeth need to pull out or not.


What are the preventive solutions?


Develop good eating habits.

Eat more vegetables and fruits and take Vietnams regularly to keep your body nutrition balanced.


Clean the teeth regularly

First of all, grasp right brushing method and choose the suitable toothbrush. Use soft bristle toothbrush to brush the teeth in an up and down way, which will reduce food residue deposits in the mouth. In addition, clean the teeth regularly in a professional dental hospital to remove the accumulated dental plague and calculus. After the teeth surface is clean, the gum inflammation will be relieved and dismissed very quickly.


Use the hydrogen peroxide to swab the gum

Use a certain proportion of hydrogen peroxide to swab the gum under the guidance of the dentist when the gum is swollen and sore.


Rinse the mouth with mouth water

You are required to form the good habit of rinsing your mouth after meal. Rinsing the mouth after meal will clear out the mouth dirt, therefore no food residue can be deposited on the teeth.


Take calcium for teeth

Teeth Osteoporosis is easy to cause gingivitis. It is suggested to eat more food that contains more calcium to strengthen the teeth bone.


The dentist at Shenzhen A.K.J Stomatological Hospital has already explained the factors which cause the swollen and sore gum. If you have other doubts about dental treatment, please contact with the dentist directly. The appointment hotline is 4000-489-168.