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How to Protect Teeth During Pregnancy?

Published on:2017-10-9

Is that true that the infected tooth in the pregnancy period may cause abortion? Ordinary people cannot bear the toothache, let alone the pregnant women.

In the period of getting ready for pregnancy, women are suggested to have an oral check-up since it is easy to suffer from dental diseases during pregnancy. Why?


There are four reasons accounting for it.


Eat more sweets

Changes of internal hormonal

Increase of intake daily

Wisdom teeth are not fully grown out


In order to have one set of healthy teeth during pregnancy, please comply with the following tips that professional dentists at Shenzhen A.K.J Stomatological Hospital suggest you.


Oral check-up before pregnancy

Most people do not have the habit of oral check-up before pregnancy. Indeed, it is necessary to have a comprehensive oral check-up before pregnancy to check if the pregnant women are suffering from periodontal diseases in order to avoid risk of harm to pregnant women and their fetuses.


Good oral hygiene

It is suggested to brush the teeth after breakfast and lunch and must rinse the mouth promptly after a meal due to the increase of the intakes.


Eat more calcium food during pregnancy

The calcium of the fetus all comes from the pregnant woman. So the pregnant women are easy to get out of calcium.

 So eat more food with high-calcium, such as milk, sea weed, tofu and bone broth, etc.


Tap the teeth

Tap the teeth thirty-six times in the morning with the upper and lower teeth and then swallow the saliva produced during the taping. Keep on this taping habit every day, you will own one set of strong teeth.