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Overview Of Underbite

Published on:2017-11-22

    CL III Malocclusion, i.e. underbite, is a kind of typical misalignment of teeth. It not only has bad impact on appearance, but also will trigger oral diseases. With the development of medical technology, it can be corrected, but identification of its category should be done at first.

It can be broken down into two category. One is skeletal underbite, while dental underbite as the other. Skeletal underbite refers to deformity in jaw bone. An obvious result is hard to achieve by correcting teeth alone, and there may be a rebounding effect. It requires a combined treatment of orthodontic surgery with teeth correction. As for dental underbite, it means the mere teeth misalignment, which can be corrected by wearing orthodontic appliance. Roughly three types of orthodontic appliance are available now, that would be invisible appliances, half-invisible appliances and brackets. Patients can choose one meeting their requirements.

In addition, most of the slight underbite during infancy is caused by bad habits, including sucking fingers and biting lips. Parents are suppose to stop these habits in time. It is possible to reach a straight alignment by pressing teeth with fingers, but pay more attention to apply a proper force. There is no deny that the easiest way is to visit a doctor. It would be advisable to seek orthodontic treatment from a professional hospital in time. The earlier you receive treatment, the easier the orthodontic process will be and the less time it will take. 

Common orthodontic devices

Common orthodontic devices include traditional brackets, invisible appliances and restored by a cosmetic crown. Which one is applied should be based on the specific teeth condition of patients.

In general, invisible appliance and cosmetic crown will perfectly fit those who have high requirements on aesthetics and shorter duration. Invisible appliances enjoy advantages in both aesthetics and comfortableness. And it is suitable for working individuals because it’s very convenient to wear on and take off. Moreover, it takes a lot less time than other ways.

As for cosmetic crown restoration, instead of wearing braces, certain special measures are conducted on the deformed teeth. It takes around a week to finish the restorative process. Of course, it is hardly to reach a result as perfect as that of invisible restoration.

Another one is to restore by wearing traditional braces, which will take more time and perform poorly in aesthetics. However, it reaches a better restorative result for treating complicated cases. In addition, it is much cheaper than others.

Though every treatment mentioned above has its pros and cons, they are all quite nice choices for correcting underbite. But one thing should be noted, that the specific treatment plan can only be confirmed after oral checkup and dentists diagnosing. It is vital to choose a professional hospital.

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