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Why Dentists Refuse to Treat Pregnant Women?

Published on:2017-11-24

As for those pregnant women with dental problems, they may encounter the following troubles. They come to see a dentist, when there is occurrence of dental problems like a severe toothache. However, instead of being treated, they usually get a merciless rejection.

Why? Whats going on? Do dentists hold prejudice towards pregnant women? Certainly not! Usually there are a few reasons account for the rejection. 


1. Sometimes an X-ray should be taken before dental treatments

X-ray examination will cause radiation though it is very tiny. However, the fact that the very tiny radiation will not cause defect birth, is still waiting for being proved. Thus most dentists wont take such risks to conduct treatment for pregnant women.

A number of dental treatments require an X-ray examination first. Now that the X-ray examination is not allowed, a dental treatment is definitely not allowed correspondingly.

2. Anesthesia may be necessary for dental treatments

In some cases, a severe continuous toothache demonstrates that the tooth decay has reached the dental nerves which have no longer been able to heal by themselves. Under such circumstance a root canal treatment which should be conducted under anesthesia, is necessary.  

In such dental treatments like tooth extraction and dental implant, anesthesia is also necessary to guarantee the process. After the anesthetic is absorbed into vessels, it may access to the fetus through the placenta, which will possibly lead to a defect birth. Thats why most dentists refuse to conduct dental treatments for pregnant women.

3. Big risks

In the era of complicated doctor-patient relationship, it is rare to see a doctor who carries no fear for medical accidents. Once there is an accident, the doctor involved will get into tremendous trouble. They have to shoulder a big risk for conducting dental treatments to pregnant women. As a result, a large part of dentists, except for those from the public hospitals, will reject to conduct dental treatments for women during pregnancy.

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