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Categories of Porcelain Tooth

Published on:2018-1-10

In recent years, porcelain tooth has become a restorative way with the most extensive popularization for tooth loss. It enjoys both a beautiful appearance and an affordable cost, becoming the preference of most people. However, porcelain tooth can be broken down into different categories in terms of materials, raising the difficulty for people in choosing. What factors should we take into consideration when we are choosing a porcelain tooth?

According to the dentists from AKJ Dental, different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. Here we are going to compare the two categories that are the most common at present.


1. Metal Porcelain Tooth

The common metal porcelain tooth includes palladium-gold porcelain tooth, palladium-silver porcelain tooth and gold-porcelain tooth. They have a good compatibility, causing no allergic reactions. They also perform well in aesthetics, with a decent color and lustre. In addition, they are proved to have a great resistance to corrosion, ensuring its long serving life. In terms of cost, they are quite affordable, famous for their higher cost performance when comparing with other types of porcelain tooth.


2. All-Porcelain Tooth

Commonly understanding, all-porcelain tooth can be considered as the comprehensively updated version of porcelain tooth. There is an enhancement in terms of appearance and other functions. Of course, it costs more correspondingly. All-porcelain tooth can be used for restoring molar tooth or pontic of tooth loss. What’s more, it will do no harm to human body.

What mentioned above is the brief introduction about porcelain tooth. In order to achieve a better result, all-porcelain tooth will be recommended. The wisest decision will be made based on the patients specific conditions.  

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