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Materials of Crown for Molars

Published on:2018-5-26

    Dental crown refers to a restorative method which is used rather commonly, for tooth defect. For anterior teeth crown mainly serves to improve the teeth shape and your smile, while worn on molars it helps to restore mastication. Actually, there are various materials available currently. But what kind of material is more appropriate for molar crown? 

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, crown for molars is designed majorly to produce a good performance in mastication and protect teeth from bacterial invasion, so as to prolong their service life. For instance, a dental crown is usually required after a root canal therapy. When it comes to the material, you’d better choose an appropriate one in line with both your dental and financial condition. 

    It’s quite affordable and highly cost effective to choose cobalt-chromium alloy, generally costing over a thousand in Chinese currency. Gold alloy will cost from two to three thousand on average, with a moderate overall performance. 

    It’s zirconium dioxide all-ceramic that should be highly recommended, if you pursue more in both aesthetics and intensity. With a good anti-bending property, it can be used for restoring molars. However, its price would be more expensive than the former two kinds. 

    In fact, it’s unnecessary to focus too much on materials. Instead, more attention should be paid to choose an experienced and skillful dentist, who will do the dental work well no matter what kind of material you select. 

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