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A variety of laser and cold light whitening kit II.Dental whitening is popular in Europe and America. It can remove pigmentation on the surface of our teeth and it can also restore healthy white teeth.According to the clinical trials, with the help of Rinover teeth whitening technology, the effect of dental bleaching can be upgraded to several notches as is showed in the vita color matching system. The result of the treatment,which can last at least two years, is not only better than similar other products, but also more effective than the household whitening kits.The entire process takes 30 minutes more or less, lasting a minimal of 2 years.

Porcelain veneer

Comfortable and beautiful, porcelain veneers have good transparency and light transmittance.Porcelain veneer is one type of dental restorations. In the cases of the localized defected and discolored teeth, porcelain veneer is a great way to restore the teeth to their original shapes. Therefore, porcelain veneer is usually used to repair anterior teeth or for dental cosmetic restorations, say, for the common dental problems ,including enamel hypoplasia, tetracycline pigmentation teeth, dental fluorosis, tooth gap and so on.

All-ceramic crown

The all-ceramic crown has been applied in clinical practice for its esthetic value and excellent biocompatibility to cover the entire tooth as a dental restoration. With the development of modern technology and materials, the usage of all-ceramic crown has progressed a long way from the early days. Thanks to the distinguishing features it got, all-ceramic crown enjoys the natural appearance, lasting effects and strong resistance, all of which make it look like a real tooth and be a protecting jacket to keep your tooth away from the risks of dental fracture. In cases of defected and discolored teeth, especially the anterior teeth, while the porcelain veneers cannot apply enough support, all-ceramic crown can be the first choice. As for the dental crowding and displacement, all-ceramic crown can be used to modify the dentition to a certain degree to achieve the better cosmetic results and enable you to smile bigger. The treatment plans vary from person to person, here we have the top experts to design the restorations for you on the basis of your teeth condition.

For the crowd

  • LightFor patients with mild to moderate tetracycline stained teeth, discolored teeth dental fluorosis, genetic yellow teeth and black teeth, usually a single whitening treatment can obtain satisfactory results.

  • moderateSevere tetracycline stained teeth, dental fluorosis, yellow teeth, generally requires more than two whitening treatment (bi-weekly intervals) to get satisfactory whitening effect.

  • severeTetracycline stained teeth with enamel hypoplasia, severe dental fluorosis, or discolored teeth caused by other factors will first require an examination from our professional dentist. Multiple whitening is mandatory to see an effect. Such patients may also use porcelain veneers or cosmetic crown for full restoration.

Common problems of tooth whitening

  • QWhat are the conditions for the cultivation of dental needs?

    A the best in patients over 18 years of age. The body is in good condition, the body and mind health, bone and tooth development has been shaped by adults. No diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, blood coagulation disorders, mental disorders, severe osteoporosis, infectious and bone metabolic diseases, such as dental surgery should not be done, cancer patients with bone and neck radiation therapy is not suitable for surgery, the surgery is not suitable for this operation.

  • QHow long does it last laser teeth whitening?

    AThis will vary among individuals. No bleaching method can whiten teeth permanently. Typical results vary from six months to two years. However, some people's teeth remain white for over 10 years with no touch-up treatment.