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Dental Fluorosis

Published on:2018-6-19

    Dental fluorosis refers to a kind of teeth discoloration caused by the excessive consumption of high-fluorine water during the formation of teeth. It’s set to cast yellow patches on teeth which undoubtedly ruin your smile, regardless of the varying degree of severity. Hence, most of those troubled by the issue will seek proper treatments to improve their teeth color. Do you know how much it will cost to fix dental fluorosis?

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, dental fuorosis can be improved by cosmetic dentistry. A proper dental whitening technique can only be confirmed after a thorough check-up serving to find out the severity of your case. Nowadays, there are a few techniques available. 

    Laser bleaching, which can be operated repeatedly, works well on mild dental fluorosis. Though it do little harm to teeth, it may requires to conduct the procedure for several times, with a view to achieve an visible improvement. It’s advisable to seek the treatment from a reputable dental hospital and an experienced dentist, for the final result’s sake. As for the price, it generally costs about tens of hundreds in Chinese currency. 

    In moderate and severe cases, or when there is tooth defect, dental veneers can be sought. They are tooth-shape thin shells designed to bond over the teeth surface, so as to restore both the tooth shape and color. Since veneers are made of all-porcelain material, they are set to produce an ideal result in aesthetics. Accordingly, it will cost about several thousand, more expensive than laser bleaching. 

    If the teeth discoloration is really severe, the all-porcelain veneers may well fail to completely cover that. At the time it’s a porcelain crown that will be needed. The crown will be worn after abrading a layer of tooth enamel. Since dental crown requires to remove a thicker tier of enamel, veneers will be the favored choice in mild cases. When it comes to the price, it also costs around several thousand, depending on your personal case. 

    If you are suffering from dental fluorosis, then you might as well take a full dental examination. And your dentist is supposed to offer you a customized treatment plan, including the specific fee. 

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