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Dental Whitening After Orthodontics

Published on:2018-6-25

    Indeed, braces work to realign your teeth and improve your smile. However, without more effective cleaning, long-term wearing of braces also makes your teeth more susceptible to discoloration. A set of yellow teeth following the orthodontic procedure will no doubt take a toll on your personal image. It’s dental whitening techniques that should be sought to improve teeth appearance. Do you know how much it will cost?

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, there are various techniques available now to whiten your teeth. The yellow teeth after orthodontics usually refer to a kind of extrinsic discoloration caused by consumption of colored foods and beverages like coffee, tea and wine. Commonly a professional cleaning or a laser bleaching will be enough to fix the problem. The former costs about several hundred, while the price of the latter is about two thousand in Chinese currency.

    To be noted, teeth whitening following the orthodontic procedure will cost extra, excluded in the total fee of your orthodontic service. Since both teeth condition and whitening requirement vary from person to person, and there are also different whitening kits available, the final price is set to be different accordingly. Luckily, it will be quite affordable no matter what your choice is. Come to consult with your dentist and find out the proper way for yourself. 

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