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Methods of Whitening Teeth

Published on:2018-7-17

    Doubtless ways to whiten teeth are numerous. There are also some home remedies proliferated online. However, it’s not suggested to blindly follow those so-called home remedies, since it’s a matter concerning your dental health. Adopted wrong ways, you may not only fail to whiten your teeth, but also throw your teeth into a state of fragility and sensitivity. For instance, whitening toothpaste works to whiten your teeth a bit, but it risks wearing enamel over time. Whitening strips perform better than the toothpaste, but not suitable for those with tooth sensitivity.

    I would suggest you run a thorough examination upfront to find out the underlying cause of your teeth discoloration, so that you are able to seek proper treatment accordingly. By doing that you’re bound to get a more obvious and pleasant result.

    As for extrinsic discoloration caused by the consumption of tobacco or wine, you can go for a professional cleaning, followed by a procedure called sandblasting to remove accumulated pigments. Generally speaking, you will achieve a brighter smile after the procedure. 

    For those who smoke for years and have never done a cleaning before, a professional cleaning is required in the first place, which serves to remove pigments and reveal the natural color of your teeth. If the teeth still stay quite yellowish, then a laser bleaching can be further sought. 

    When it comes to intrinsic discoloration including tetracycline pigmentation teeth and dental fluorosis, getting rid of them will definitely demand more efforts. In mild cases, laser bleaching can be tried and is supposed to be helpful. While in severe cases, you may well need veneers and even crown which require abrasion of tooth enamel.

    With regard to teeth requiring long-term whitening, or patients who worry about a relapse, it’s a laser bleaching together with some home-used products that will be recommended. Put another way, you seek a laser bleaching procedure from a dental hospital, and you are expected to use whitening trays at home for maintaining the color of your teeth. Just make sure that you follow your dentist’s instructions and operate the home-used devices correctly.

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