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Is Crown the Only Way to Handle Tooth Crack?

Published on:2018-8-10

    When there are small cracks on teeth, proper measures should be taken to fix them in time, with a purpose to prevent it from getting worse over time. People with such issue would like to know some available restorations. Is seeking a crown the only solution to that?

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, certainly crown is not the only solution. There will be different restorative ways available depending on the depth and length of your cracks. 

    If the cracks are shallow and small, then dental filling can be sought after removing the cracks via enamel abrasion, in the hope of restoring the tooth contour.

    In terms of relatively deep cracks, it’s a crown that will be recommended to avoid the continuous deterioration of the cracks and even a broken tooth. A crown will works better to protect your severely cracked tooth.

    Therefore, different treatments will be required in different cases. It’s necessary to take a thorough examination first and seek different procedures accordingly. As is known to all, prevention is better than cure. So it is very important as well that you develop a good dietary habit in order to protect your teeth from cracks. For instance, very hard and sticky, and cold or hot food staffs should be limited on your food list, since they may well irritate and do harm to your teeth over time. 

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