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Price of dental prosthesis

Published on:2019-1-19

    As we all know, it’s necessary to seek dental prostheses when there are missing teeth. You’d better visit a dentist for a thorough check-up first to get a confirmed diagnosis, such as the exact number of missing teeth and the state of alveolar bone. Later, your dentist is supposed to develop a customized treatment plan for you based on the exam result. 

    Today there are various kinds of dental prosthesis available, including dental implant, porcelain restoration and removable denture. They differ from each other in terms of both material and price. 

    1.Dental implant, generally costing more than ten thousand yuan per tooth.

    It refers to placing an implant post serving as an artificial tooth root at where there is no tooth, followed by the installment of an abutment and a crown. First of all, it requires no enamel abrasion before the surgery. Besides, it enjoys a sound stability and performs well in both aesthetics and mastication, close to a natural tooth. No matter how many teeth you’ve lost, you can seek implant restoration to fix it. Nowadays, it has gained increasing popularity among those suffering from tooth loss. But the procedure is more expensive than other restorative methods.

    2.Complete porcelain (all-ceramic) or porcelain-fused-to-metal restoration, costing from several thousand yuan to more than ten thousand. 

    Generally, a custom-made porcelain bridgework will be fixed firmly to recover missing teeth, yielding a sound result in mastication. However, it requires abrading certain amount of tooth enamel of the adjacent teeth in order to hold the bridgework in place, which may take a toll on dental health in the long run. It’s suitable for those who only lose one or two teeth and stay very healthy in terms of periodontium. Since the process of enamel abrasion is no reversal, you’d better think twice before seeking such a procedure.

    3.Removable denture, costing roughly several thousand yuan.

    In light of material, removable dentures can be categorized into different kinds, such as invisible denture, traditional denture with clasps and precision attachment partial denture. Traditional resin denture is quite affordable, but it doesn’t look that aesthetic. If you only want to seek a transitional set, invisible denture can be an option. But if you intend to have a cosmetic appearance, or take off and wear on the denture freely by yourselves, you really need to consider precision attachment partial denture.

    What kind of denture is more suitable for your case?

    Actually it depends on both your dental condition and personal requirement. For those who value long-term performance more, it’s dental implant that will be recommended. However, not everyone is an eligible candidate for dental implant. Without adequate alveolar bone, a procedure of bone grafting will be required before the surgery. And other dental issues like periodontitis or caries should also be well dealt with in advance. When it comes to removable denture, it’s more suitable for those who only want a temporary or affordable set. But bear in mind to take it off for cleaning before bed. Consult with your dentist and get a customized treatment plan for your case.

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