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Filling performed at the time of toothache?

Published on:2019-2-18

    Many people have a tendency to ignore minor ailment and refuse to visit a doctor until they can no longer bear it. And, it’s no exception when it comes to dealing with dental issues. What’s more, there may be misunderstanding as well due to lacking basic knowledge of dental care. For instance, can a dental filling procedure be performed when there is a toothache? 

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, it’s of great significance to visit a dentist and seek proper treatment for a toothache in time, regardless of what causes it. The pain serves as a signal that there must be something wrong. Without timely interference, the problem may wind up deteriorating. Only when the underlying cause behind the pain is detected can you seek appropriate treatment accordingly.

    First of all, the pain can result from dental caries. If the caries hasn’t infected dental pulp yet, a filling procedure can be a fix. While for severe ones which have already spread to pulp, it’s a root canal therapy that will be required.

    If the pain comes from gingivitis or periodontitis, generally accompanied by symptoms like bleeding, swollen and painful gums, or even gum recession and tooth loosening, supragingival and subgingival scaling should be scheduled according to the severity of the case. 

    Also, the pain may be caused by pericoronitis of wisdom tooth. In this case, major symptom would be red and swollen tissues around the wisdom teeth, along with pain which may lay an impact on your dinning and speaking practices. In general, proper medication should be prescribed or local irrigation should be carried out to mitigate the inflammation. After that, an X-ray check-up has to be scheduled to see more details about the wisdom tooth and decide whether an extraction is required or not.

    What mentioned above are just a few commonly seen causes of tooth pain, and there are also other possibilities. Therefore, it’s not sure whether or not dental filling can be carried out to fix toothache. It’d better run a thorough examination to find out the underlying cause and get a customized treatment plan. 

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