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Which is better for front teeth, all-ceramic crowns or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns?

Published on:2019-4-9

There are two different kinds of dental crowns for the restoration of central incisors, all-ceramic crown and porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crown. Different materials bring different outcomes. Therefore, it is better for patients to learn about the two crowns before making the decision on which to use.


Differences between PFM Crowns and All-ceramic Crowns


Let's start from PFM crowns. PFM crowns including the conventional metal-ceramic crowns and the precious-metal-ceramic crowns, etc. are cast metal crowns which are covered with a thin layer of porcelain. Currently this kind of crown is rarely used, because the metal material in the crown is likely to irritate the gums; and its black color is visible against the light due to the opaqueness of the metal, which is considered unappealing.


Moreover, no matter what metal material is used, it may cause artifacts in the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and X-ray imaging, impacting the doctor’s evaluation. Therefore, patients are usually suggested to choose all-ceramic crowns to avoid such influence.


All-ceramic crowns, just as the name implies, are made entirely of ceramic, both inside and outside, thus it won’t show a black shade against the light. Since there is no metal material, it imposes no effect on the examination by nuclear magnetic resonance. Moreover, all-ceramic crown is of great cosmetic value, as it can restore the natural-looking of the teeth, and its color is so perfectly fit with the other teeth that non-professionals cannot tell the difference.


Judging from the above, while it comes to the material of front teeth crowns, the all-ceramic crown is better. However, there are many types of all-ceramic crowns, such as cast ceramic crowns and zirconia all-ceramic crowns, and the cost of crowns varies from brand to brand. The average price of all-ceramic crown is usually around three or four thousand yuan. But a branded one may cost thousands or tens of thousands yuan. Therefore, patients should choose the right crown based on their economic conditions.


Warm Tips: Though the all-ceramic crown can restore the natural beauty of the front teeth, it requires better care in daily use. After all, the artificial crown is not real human tooth. In particular, patients should pay attention to oral hygiene, and avoid eating hard food, otherwise the crown may be chipped easily, shortening its life expectancy.

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