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Are you scared of root canal treatment?

Published on:2019-11-28

Are you caring about your physical health? Do you go to hospital for physical examination once a year? Have you ever been to a dental hospital? Did you really care about this? We have been over exhausting our bodies all the time. Though they sent us protesting and complaining messages, we just ignored and persisted our old ways. As a result, they suffer from larger damages, and eventually become in danger. We are so busy every day, in making money, learning, and pursuing a better physical condition, but we didn’t realize that we’re consuming our health.


Find a bad tooth after radiography? The doctor will say root canal treatment is required. Then, what is root canal treatment?


Root canal treatment is a clinical treatment for dental pulp infection with which patients will suffer from unbearable pain, and require timely treatment. Dental pulp is covered with hard enamel and dentin though, it can be infected due to cavities, trauma, drug stimulation, etc.


It is heard that root canal treatment is time-consuming, painful, and costly. Is it true?


The first step of root canal treatment: make an opening to the pulp and inactivate the dental nerves with medication;


The second step: pull out the dental nerves, clean and prepare the root canals;


The third step: fill the root canals with gutta-percha and restore the shape and function of the tooth.


The cost of root canal treatmentdepends on the number of root canals. The anterior teeth have only one root canal while the posterior teeth have up to 3 or 4 root canals, so root canal for the posterior teeth costs more.


Dentist must find the accurate position of the root canal in the small and narrow space inside the tooth, which is the difficulty of the treatment. In some cases, a microscope is required due to dental anomalies or the calcification of the root canal.


Patients will feel pain after treatment if the pulp is not cleaned up. In such occasion, the bacteria will still irritate the pulp and cause pain. Therefore, a second time root canal treatment is needed to remove the residual infected tissue.


The teeth after root canal will be very fragile due to the lack of nutrition by the nerves. Dental crowns can help protect them from being chipped by biting down on hard objects.