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Can young adults get removable dentures?

Published on:2019-12-4

Many young people searched online for the solutions to the missing teeth, but got the advice of some "predecessors" who had got removable dentures: Don't get removable dentures! They ruined my life! Then they wondered: is this true?


In fact, removable denture, like other artificial teeth, has both strengths and shortcomings. Therefore, patients are suggested to have a good idea of its advantages and disadvantages, and then make a decision based on their actual requirements. Below is the answer to the question: whether young adults can get removable dentures?


Are removable dentures suitable for young people?


Removable denture is referred to the artificial teeth that are attached to adjacent teeth by ring clasp (something like a hook). It consists of base, ring clasp and artificial teeth. Theoretically, it is suitable for people with different oral conditions, so young people can also be the candidates.


However, although removable dentures occupy such advantages as being suitable for a wide ranges of patients, affordable and removable, they also have some drawbacks, such as, uncomfortable to wear, not appealing, and troublesome to clean after meals. Besides, if the abutment teeth are in bad condition, or if there’s alveolar bone resorption, the removable denture cannot be held in place. More importantly, it cannot transfer the chewing force, so denture wearers may not be able to chew food completely. Meanwhile, it tends to trap food particles.


Young people have better choice for missing teeth – dental implant


Compared with the elderly, the youth have better periodontal conditions and alveolar bones. They usually have only one or two teeth lost, so if they wear removable dentures, they may possibly swallow the false teeth by accident since the denture base is too small. Therefore, young people are recommended to wear fixed dentures.


Fixed dentures include porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns and dental implants. PMF crown requires to grind the adjacent teeth, which will damage the natural teeth, so it is inadvisable. Therefore, it is better for young people to choose dental implants. Dental implants are not removable, as they are placed in the alveolar bone as anchoring support to the dentures. So they have good chewing performance. And they look beautiful and natural, almost as same as the real teeth.


Therefore, since the removable dentures may not meet the youth’s needs for mastication, aesthetics, convenience, etc., they are not a good choice for young people. A better way for the youth to replace the missing teeth is dental implant, which can last tens of dozens of years under careful maintenance.