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How long does a dental inlay last?

Published on:2019-12-3

What’s the reasonable price of dental inlay? Frankly speaking, dental inlay is quit a good option to restore broken teeth, as long as you find the right dentist. The price of inlay ranges from a thousand to a few thousand yuan. It is hard to tell how much is reasonable.


Unlike conventional dental fillings, dental inlay is like a puzzle piece which can be placed wherever there’s a missing part. It can be integrated seamlessly into the tooth, unnoticeable by non-professionals, since it is created based on the impression of the teeth.


How long does a dental inlay last? It depends.


Is dental inlay a good option to restore teeth? How long does it last? According to the dentists at Shenzhen AKJ Dental Hospital, dental inlay is a good option for patients whose fillings come out easily. Though the cost is higher, it lasts much longer than the conventional fillings if well placed. As for the exact life span, it depends on the surgical results and the maintenance.


Generally speaking, inlays may come out easily if they are poorly placed, or if the patient consumes hard foods regularly and fail to maintain good oral hygiene. Moreover, there are even risks of recurrence of cavities. Therefore, it is crucial to find a skillful dentist in a professional hospital if you plan to get a dental inlay.


What’s the cost of dental inlay?


Not a few people have such question after knowing the dental inlay may cost 3000, 4000 or 4200 yuan: is the price reasonable? According to the dentist, dental inlay is charged per tooth, and the cost varies depending on the material.


The metal inlays like palladium inlay is relatively cheap, at less than 2000 yuan, the gold inlay costs a bit higher, at around 3000 yuan, and the all-ceramic one costs more than 4000 yuan. So the cost depends on the material you choose.