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How old do you have to be to get a dental implant in Shenzhen?

Published on:2019-12-2

It is quite confusing about the age to get dental implants, since some say there’s no age limit, while others argue that the recipient must be at least 18 years old. Does age really matter?


Dental implants are a good treatment option for missing teeth, no matter how many missing teeth you have, one or a few, or a half or full mouth. But is there an age limit to get dental implants? Is it true that only adults can be the candidates? Let’s view the answer below.


What's the right age for dental implants in Shenzhen?

The restoration of dental implant starts with digging a hole in the alveolar bone of the missing tooth, followed by the placement of an artificial tooth root, and then the fitting of a dental crown after the root integrates with the bone.

It is a surgery which is mostly performed to patients over 18, in consideration of the pain tolerance and the alveolar bone development. Of course whether a dental implant is needed must be evaluated by the dentist through dental examination. The main reason why teenagers under 18 is not good candidate is because their bones are not fully developed, and the surgery may impact the natural growth of the alveolar bone.


Senior patients who don't meet the indications, or are suffering from severe generic diseases, or are unable to take care of themselves in daily life, or unable to withstand the surgical pain or maintain the surgical result, are not candidates for dental implants.


Is there an age limit to get dental implants?

It would be wrong to say that only adults can get dental impants, or that the elderly are not candidates. Though it is generally acknowledged that the proper age for dental impants is from 18-70, there's no actual age limit, as long as the physical condition of the patients allows and they meet the indications. Whether a patient can get dental implants must be decided by the dentist after examination and evaluation.


Besides the age, the condition of alveolar bone also matters. So dental condition is another factor the dentist considers while evaluating whether a patient is a good candidate for dental implants. If you’re wondering about your candidacy, just find a dentist in the professional dental hospital for evaluation.