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What is dental implant?

Dental implant is a false tooth to replace a natural missing tooth through medical method. A titanium post shaped like a small screw which is highly compatible with the human alveolar bone is implanted to the root of the tooth. After recovery, a dental crown is placed on the implant.

Technological Superiority

Minimal Invasive treatment with no painOur professional dentists adopt minimal invasive painless technology to ensure that you will receive a stable and comfortable implant treatment.

Safe and Secure Dental Implants of quality assurance, perfect combination of osseointegration and it also forms a solid foundation that is usable for a life time.

No side effects Dental implants do not damage adjacent teeth, do not cause discomfort and regain the pleasure of eating.

Easy Care Dental implants restore the original features and functions of a natural tooth and it does not require special care. Normal cleaning and regular check-ups are sufficient. One simple implant and it’s useful for life.

For general public

Missing tooth, multiple tooth, All teeth.

The discomfort and difficulty of wearing traditional full dentures.

Some patients are not suitable for full dentures.

Periodontal disease tooth treatment process.

Patients with special request for dentures with appealing look.

Dental implant surgery Technological process

  • Oral CT examination

  • Exquisite design

  • Osseointegration

  • Professional crown fitting

  • Forming a new set of teeth

Questions and Answers

  • QWhat are the requirements for dental implants.

    AIt is best for patients above 18 years of age. A healthy individual that has a set of full grown body structure. Also, visitors are not or have diabetic, kidney disease, heart disease, blood clotting disorders, psychiatric disorders, severe osteoporosis, infectious diseases, bone metabolism disease. Patients under going cancer therapy treatment are also not suitable for dental implant treatment.

  • QHow long is the implant process?

    AGenerally speaking, after the 1st phase of the operation (post installment) it takes 2 to 3 months for recovery. On the 2nd phase of the operation, it takes another 2 weeks for proper inspection and finalization of the dental implant treatment.