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Pure titanium or titanium alloy dental implant?

Published on:2019-12-4

Not sure what dental implant material to pick? Why not choose a brand first before picking the material. Since the two materials, pure titanium and titanium alloy, both work fine, there is not too much to worry about.


A dental implant is composed of three parts, an artificial tooth root (the implant), an abutment and a crown. Implant is the most important part which may determine the success and failure of the surgery. So a number of patients are very concerned when it comes to the choice of the implant material.


Which material is better, pure titanium or titanium alloy?

The artificial root is mainly made of pure titanium or titanium alloy, both of which are very good materials, and can fuse with human bones. These wonderful features can increase the success rate of the integration of artificial root into the alveolar bone.


How to choose between the two dental implant materials? 

Pick the one that suits you. First you can pick a brand according to your needs and budget, then visit a dentist for the customized treatment plan in line with your dental condition. After that, you can make your decision by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the two materials.


The two mateirals are not so far different from each other in terms of bio-compatibility, corrosion resistance, strength and osteocompatibility. It is crucial that the artificial root must integrate with the alveolar bone after the procedure. In this aspect, either material perfroms well clinically.


If you're unable to make the decision yourself, then turn to a dentist for help, or try this simpler way: just choose a brand that is afforable. This is way faster and more effective. Of course it doesn’t mean the more expensive the better. You still need to seek advice from the dentist about whether the picked material suits your case.