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Polishing the teeth can remove fluororis?

Published on:2019-12-4

Most people have no idea how to whiten fluorosed teeth. In fact, the treatment methods and outcomes may differ from case to case, depending on the severity of fluorosis which should be evaluated by the dentist.


Dental fluorosis, different from tooth discoloration caused by exogenous factors such as smoking and drinking, is intrinsic discoloration during the time period when the teeth are forming. Therefore, in general, how to whiten fluorosed teeth depends on the extent of the discoloration.


Can fluorosed teeth be whitened by tooth polishing?


This can be told by the dentist after evaluating the patient’s case, since the severity of fluorosis may differ from person to person. However, treatments for fluorosis tooth staining include:


1. Mild Fluorosis: it can be fixed by microabrasion. In the procedure, the discolored enamel is ground down until the natural color of the teeth are unveiled, then tooth polishing is done to smooth the surface and restore the color of the enamel. Microabrasion won’t cause tooth sensitivity and tooth damage, as it only removes a little bit of the tooth structure.


2. Moderate Fluorosis: this is a relatively serious discoloration for which abrading teeth is not available, because an excessive amount of teeth may need to be filed down. In this case, we usually suggest the patient to get dental veneers, a kind of dental prostheses cemented on the surface of the peeled teeth.


3. Severe Fluorosis: dental crown restoration may be required. In the procedure, the patient’s teeth will be shaped for the fitting of the crown. Since it requires to remove a large amount of teeth structure, this method always go behind other restorations.


Therefore, tooth polishing is not available for all fluorosis cases. Usually it only works for mild fluorosis after microabrasion. And polishing functions to smooth the surface of the teeth only.


What is the most appropriate way to correct fluorosis?   


This depends on the extent of fluorosis, the patient’s requirement for the contour and color of the teeth. Custom-made teeth whitening plan will be made by the dentist after getting all those knowledge. Hence, when it comes to the whitening of fluorosed teeth, please don’t act in a rush. Selecting a proper and targeted treatment can yield twice the result with half the effort.