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Cost of LAVA Crowns

Published on:2019-8-23

LAVA crowns are made up of zirconia produced by the reputed 3M. This is a porcelain material and has a unique composition which is the key to the crowns made of LAVA zirconia. LAVA crowns are translucent and resemble natural teeth, the crowns are known for their durability and are now very popular in cosmetic dentistry.


How Much Does a LAVA Crown Cost?

In Shenzhen LAVA crowns cost on average between 7,000 RMB to 8,000 RMB. The prices are approximately the same at private dental clinics and hospitals. The number of crowns you require will directly affect treatment costs as crown prices are based on per tooth. Therefore, the more crowns you require the more expensive the treatment prices are. For example a single crown in comparison with a dental bridge, the latter is more expensive due to the number of crowns needed.


Other Treatments & Costs Before Getting a Dental Crown


1.      Scale & Polish: Prices are usually 350 RMB, although not all patients will require a scale and polish, but the majority of dentists do advise as a scale and polish can remove plaque build-up and dental calculus.


2.      Root Canal Treatment: The prices of root canal treatment range from 2,000 RMB to 3,000 RMB. If the tooth is badly damaged then a root canal treatment will need to be carried out and once the treatment is complete a crown will need to be fitted.


3.      Periodontal Treatment: Treatment costs can vary from a few hundred to 3,000 RMB. Periodontal treatment covers scaling, root planing and possibly periodontal surgery.


Tips: Prior to getting dental crowns fitted x-rays will need to be taken to check if there is periodontitis, cavities or other dental problems. If there are problems then treatment needs to be carried out before any type of repair treatment can be done.