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Dental Implants Vs Natural Teeth

Published on:2019-8-28

The biggest concern for patients before dental implants is whether the implants are secure and the differences between natural teeth. So here's a quick guide to dental implants for those who are considering the procedure but are worried about what to expect.


Dental Implant Procedure

Let's briefly discuss the process of dental implants and you will know what to expect. Firstly, the dental post will be implanted into your jaw, the post is screwed into the bone so it has maximum strength. You will then have to go through a phase where you allow the area to heal this is known as osseointegration. Once you have healed the surgeon will attach the abutment and after the soft tissues have completely healed the dental crown will be placed on top.


With dental implants, many patients with missing teeth can finally enjoy their food with confidence. But what about dental implants compared to natural teeth?


Dental Implants Vs Natural Teeth

Dental implants aren't real teeth but to a great extent they are the closest thing to natural teeth and are durable.


There are differences between dental implants and natural teeth. Firstly, natural teeth can move and implants cannot. With natural teeth there is the periodontal membrane which allows the teeth to move naturally. In contrast to the dental implant which cannot move and any movement will result in the implant becoming loose.


Secondly, natural teeth have roots whereas implants have artificial roots. Natural teeth roots have dental pulp tissues meaning that it is sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Whereas dental implants are manmade so there is no feeling to any temperatures.


Therefore, extra care should be taken to protect dental implants, avoiding hard foods and good dental hygiene is a must to prevent inflammation and infection around the implant.