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Getting Veneers for the First Time

Published on:2019-9-28

Getting veneers can be a daunting experience especially when you read up and the emphasis is put on the fact that once they’re fitted it can’t be undone. There’s a lot of information online with regards to veneers and patients often rake up enough information on prices of veneers, side-effects of veneers and the before and after results. Though there is always the one question that patients have on the back of their minds which is can veneers be done right the first time?

1.  Choosing a professional clinic and dentist to carry out the procedure means there will be guaranteed results so there is no need to worry.

2. Fitting veneers is a rather simple procedure and is not an operation and no wounds. The procedure is painless in comparison to tooth extractions and dental implants which are invasive.


3. Although fitting veneers isn’t a very complex procedure, the treatment plan designed by the dentist is essential and requires great skill and technique to choose the right shape and shade for aesthetic results.


Generally speaking professional dentists can provide patients with the results the first time round. If it’s unfortunate that the first time isn’t successful then there is no need to worry it can be done a second time.


There is effectively no side-effects of going through the veneer procedure for the second time, however there is a range of veneer materials to choose from such as composite resin or porcelain. Most dentists would recommend porcelain veneers as they are more natural and durable. 

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