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Is it Worth Getting Veneers

Published on:2019-8-5

After getting veneers fitted many patients have different opinions after the procedure. One of the biggest advantages of veneers is that teeth will be instantly whiter but some patients say that they experience some soreness after enamel is removed to fit the veneer.


After having veneers fitted a lot of patients may experience the following after thoughts:


1. Once veneers have been fitted teeth will be whiter and you can have a great smile.


2. Veneers can cause occlusal problems and infection, so they don’t recommend getting veneers.


3. Regret getting composite resin veneers, their natural teeth looked better.


4. The first few days after getting porcelain veneers fitted it took time to get used to.


5. Since having veneers fitted patient’s teeth have gone from yellow to white, has given them some new found confidence.


6. Getting veneers fitted to repair diastema.


7. Want to whiten teeth but don’t want to damage teeth, composite resin veneers are a great option.


8. After the porcelain veneers patient was very happy, then the problems started. Would suggest getting cold-light whitening done instead.


With regards to veneers, patients should visit a professional clinic and dentist to carry out the procedure this way the possibilities of problems arising is greatly reduced. As for removing enamel to fit the veneers, in comparison to the removal of enamel for crowns it’s only the surface enamel which is removed for veneers.  


Tips: Before getting veneers it’s advised that you go through a consultation with your dentist and that you express your concerns and they can devise a treatment solution which is suitable for you.