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Costs of Cercon Ceramic Crowns

Published on:2019-10-17

The current trend for dental crown is ceramic materials and there are several brands which offer ceramic crowns. However, the most commonly used all ceramic crown is the German brand Cercon.


All ceramic crowns are is where the entire crown is made of different types of ceramic and provides a more natural coloring for the tooth. All ceramic crowns don’t contain any metals and in terms of aesthetics ceramic crowns allows for light transmission unlike porcelain fused to metal crowns and can make the tooth brighter and more natural looking in appearance.


When choosing brands the majority of patients are focused on the price and often choose crowns that are middle priced and made of better ceramic materials. One of the best choices is Cercon which is a leading German ceramic crown brand.  Cercon™ Smart Ceramics is made of a highly stable oxide ceramic that delivers strength and fracture toughness which currently the best type of crown to choose for cost-effectiveness.


How much does a Cercon ceramic crown cost in Shenzhen?

Cercon cermic crowns costs approximately 4,000 RMB per crown. Compared to other ceramic crowns, Cercon crowns do not contain metals and will not cause sensitivity problems and the overall look is very natural. Even when used for back teeth repair it’s durability means it won’t affect chewing. Of course, different clinics and hospitals will have cost differences. Therefore, it’s best to enquire about prices during consultations.