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Temporary Dentures Vs. Removable Dentures

Published on:2019-10-22

Why are there so many types of dentures? From permanent dentures, removable dentures, temporary dentures and implant supported dentures which is best? For most patients temporary dentures and removable dentures are the most popular choice.


What is a temporary denture? Is it a permanent denture or removable denture? What’s the difference? There is big difference between the both so let’s take a look at the differences.


What is a temporary dentures?

A temporary denture also known as an immediate denture, and the dentist fits this type of denture immediately after removing the natural teeth. Before the extraction, the temporary dentures will already be made and placed in as soon as the teeth have been extracted.


What are removable dentures?

Removable dentures as the name suggests are removable and are often made after tooth or teeth are missing. Materials used to make removable dentures include metals and acrylics and can be made into partial removable dentures or complete removable dentures.


Differences between temporary dentures & removable dentures?

The similarities between temporary and removable dentures is that they are both prosthetic devices. Difference is that temporary dentures are only temporary and are not used permanently. Removable dentures are a long-term form of tooth or teeth replacement.


Temporary dentures and are made based on of the size and shape of your mouth after extraction. The swelling of gums and the shape of the mouth will be different compared to when you are healed and ready for permanent teeth. Temporary dentures are designed to adjust to the mouth during the healing process. Permanent dentures will be designed to blend with natural teeth color if they are partial replacements, or have a natural coloring if they are a complete replacement.