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Dental Fillings or Root Canal Treatment

Published on:2019-10-28

Dental fillings is one of the most common dental procedures carried out, however depending on the severity of the cavity and if the pulp has been damaged then root canal treatment is required. There is a big difference between prices and complexity of dental fillings and root canal treatment.


1.      Firstly, the dentist will have to check the cavity and will need you to have x-rays taken. Through the x-ray the dentist can see whether the dental pulp is damaged and if so then root canal treatment is needed.


2.      After confirming whether root canal treatment or fillings are required then the type of materials can be chosen. For example root canal treatment you can choose between traditional root canal treatment or microscopic root canal treatment. As for filling materials there is composite resin and sonic-activated bulk fill composite.

Generally speaking dental fillings costs are approximately over few hundred Yuan with cosmetic dentistry costing over a few thousand Yuan. Costs for microscopic root canal treatment costs between 2,000 to 3,000 Yuan.  

For dental cavities it’s advised that they should not be left until the pain is unbearable. If you suffer toothache and it’s extremely painful at night or you have super sensitivity when eating hot and cold foods then the cavity may have already reached the dental pulp. There are also cases when a toothache comes on unexpectedly, so it’s advised to visit a dentist to diagnose the problem as soon as possible.