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How to Fix a Broken Tooth

Published on:2019-10-31

What methods of repair are available for a broken tooth? The most commonly used methods are composite resin, porcelain veneers and dental crowns. However, which method of repair is best will depend on how badly damaged your tooth is.


How can the tooth be fixed?

Whether or not a tooth can be repaired will depend on how deep the crack is, if the crack has reached below the gum line then there is the possibility that the tooth can’t be preserved. In these cases there is already no point in attempting to preserve the tooth. As for teeth that are chipped the dentist will advise which method of repair is most suitable.


Composite, veneer or dental crown?


1.      If it’s only a minor chip then using composite resin is the best option and the shade of the composite resin can match that of you natural teeth color.


2.      Veneers can also be considered for chipped teeth as it covers the complete surface of the damaged tooth and there is an option between composite veneers or porcelain veneers.


3.      For a tooth which has a considerably larger part missing then using veneers will not give good results. Also the dentist will need to take into consideration that there is possible damage to the root of the tooth. In such cases a dental crown would be the best option. The dental crown is fitted over the natural tooth like a cap and provide overall protection to the tooth.


The three methods of repair mentioned are the most commonly used. However, with veneers and dental crowns enamel will have to be removed from the natural tooth so it is considered more invasive than composite resin repair. With both veneers and dental crowns once the enamel has been removed it can’t be undone so patients must be aware before making their decision.