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How Often Do You Need a Dental Cleaning?

Published on:2019-11-12

How often should you visit a dentist for a professional dental cleaning? If you are experiencing bad breath and bleeding gums you should make an appointment to see your dentist because you might need a deep cleaning to remove the dental calculus build-up.


Dental calculus is usually found at stuck to the teeth, gums and in between gaps of the teeth which are not easy to reach with brushing. Dental calculus can only be removed by dental professionals through scaling and polishing. Plaque to begin with is sticky colorless deposit at first and can be removed with brushing, but after a long period of time the plaque will harden and become dental calculus which is a thick crusty layer over the teeth and gums.


How much does it cost to remove dental calculus?

To remove dental calculus effectively a ultrasonic scaler is used which emits ultrasonic waves to remove the calculus. This is a rather standard procedure and costs will differ at different dental clinics. If there are also discoloration and stains then there is also the need for dental sandblasting.  Dental sandblasting is a harmless, non-invasive process that removes surface impurities that cannot be removed by brushing. A professional clean that includes dental sandblasting is more expensive so you could be expecting costs to start at over 300 RMB.


How often do you need your teeth cleaned professionally?

Generally speaking a 1 to 2 dental cleanings per year is sufficient for clients who have good dental hygiene. For those who suffer from gum disease then they can expect a dental cleaning every 3 to 6 months. Dental cleanings are affordable so make sure you at least see your dentist once a year for an appointment. Preventive measures are always better than having to go through treatment.