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What to Do If Your Filling Falls Out?

Published on:2020-1-3

If your filling falls out your tooth can you just leave it? For treating cavities most patients choose a filling, however when a filling falls out most patients ask what’s the best way to treat it? Is it best just to leave it?


Why does a filling fall out?


1. Bad Habits: Not caring for your teeth properly after a filling is one of the most common causes for a filling to fall out. Bad habits include chewing on hard foods, clenching teeth which adds pressure to the filling which can cause it to pop out.


2. Decay Around the Filling: When you get a filling, the surrounding decayed are will be removed from the tooth to prevent further deterioration in the tooth. But, if the tooth continues to decay in that same area or in a different spot that reaches to the filling site, your filling will not have anything hard to hold onto and will fall out. 


3. Skills of Dentist: Sometimes the skills and experience of a dentist are very important. Therefore, we do suggest that you choose a professional dental clinic and dentist for a thorough check-up before getting your filling.


What happens if I don’t treat the missing filling?

You should never just leave the missing filling and not get it treated, this can lead to further decay of the tooth and should the decay reach the pulp then root canal treatment will be required. So it’s always best to treat the problem as soon as possible instead of leaving it to develop further.


What should you do once you find your filling is missing?

As soon as you find that your filling is missing you should make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible. After a dentist has done a examination to make sure that there is no decay then the tooth can be filled again. For more severe cases if the cavity has reached the pulp tissue then root canal treatment will be needed and also the consideration of dental crown to protect the tooth.