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Teeth Whitening Case – Discoloured Teeth

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Symptoms: Discoloured teeth, request whitening

Diagnosis: Dental whitening

Attending physician: Gong Xian Ping

Location: AKJ Luohuo Headquarter

Chloe studied in United States, and she returned to China during her summer holiday. Accompanied by her best friend Amanda, she visited AKJ Dental Hospital. She wants a set of clean white teeth, thus receiving a teeth whitening treatment is a perfect option for her.

With more than 10 years professional whitening experience, Dr. Gong first gave Chloe a detailed examination. She was advised a professional dental cleaning, next he used a popular whitening system the "Beyond Second-generation Technology" for teeth whitening improvement.

Disclaimer: only one case, the effect varies

Shortly after 45 minutes, the colour of Chloe’s teeth showed significant improvement. On the other hand, Chloe was quite concerned about the side effects of teeth whitening. Caring Dr. Gong Xian Ping reassured Chloe that the whole new generation of Beyond 2nd Generation Tooth Whitening Technology kit may only cause slight teeth irritation.It is a fine combination of cold laser and whitening agent called the cold light laser treatment. This whitening system is one of the top picks because it completely avoids the teeth nerve stimulation. The main elements are hydrogen peroxide whitening agent, a hydrophilic drug that does not hurt our gums and teeth enamel structure. Such whitening agents was in clinical use for at least 10 years with outstanding whitening results. Teeth whitening are simple and it provides whitening for up to 2 years.