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Upper Right Back Tooth Biting Pain – Chronic Periodontitis Treatment

Sex: Female

Age: 42

Symptoms: back right tooth bit pain for a week

Diagnosis: Chronic periodontitis

Treatment Plan:

Periodontist basic treatment

Oral hygiene education

Loose teeth, Teeth splint

Periodontal treatment

Attending Physician: Dr. Zeng Yan Hong

Location: AKJ Kang Hui Dental Clinic

Clinical Notes

Ms. Lee is a branch manager at a local technology company. Due to the nature of her career, her professional image is very important. Her attention to her oral health is crucial, and no alcohol consumption and tobacco use. Lee experienced a month of tooth ache, she tired pain-killers and mouth wash with no positive results, through referrals she met Dr. Zeng.

Prior treatment

Dr. Zeng performed a thorough comprehensive oral inspection and suggested a panoramic X-ray scan.Upon the discovery of Ms. Lee’s root resorption and chronic periodontitis. Dr. Zeng’s top priority is to complete a professional dental scaling to control inflammation and ensure oral health is stable. Later, a periodontal splinting is necessary to stabilize the loosen tooth and once again Ms. Lee can smile and work with confidence.

Panoramic X-Ray

(Disclaimer: only one case, the effect varies