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Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Oral & Maxillofacial surgery (OMS) specializes in treating many diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the Oral (mouth) and Maxillofacial (jaws and face) region. It is an internationally recognized surgical specialty.

Oral alignment surgery

Coordination, Pleasuring, Refinement
For those who may suffer from bucktooth, underbite, maxillary or mandibular retrusion, facial symmetry alignment, chin is too short or long, high cheekbones, thin face, etc., The facial deformities directly affect the appearance of each individual, thus leading to an impact on self-confidence and psychological harm. Some other effects may include shortness of breath and snoring. Preventive measures may be application for children between the age of 2 to 12 years of age, but until they reach adulthood then they are allowed a maxillofacial surgery. Maxillofacial surgery has become the most effective way to bring a true smile forever.

The advantage of maxillofacial surgery technology

  • 01 Exquisite designPreoperative use of the three-dimensional CT panoramic machine, with 3D imaging simulation system. Unique sweeping 3D imaging and a true reproduction of bones and teeth. High levels of precision to avoid the damage of blood vessels and nerves thus reducing the risk of surgery.

  • 02 Minimally invasive operationThe use of the world's most advanced oral endoscopic technology by our dental surgical expert professor with over twenty years of clinical experience and maxillofacial surgery. This ensures the safety and quality of which greatly reduces trauma, leaving no scars, side effects and complications.

  • 03 Express jaw alignmentWith just an hour of surgical alignment, a permanent facial correction can change the way you smile. A minimal of 7 days for the amazing transformation of a beautiful face, totally natural and carefree.

  • 04 Outstanding resultsIn addition to correcting dental deformities and normal biting, but also to achieve facial correction. A fine facial rejuvenation, natural beauty and a charming facial appearance.

Maxillofacial surgery for the public

  • improper fitment, crowed teeth, protruding teeth

  • Irregular jaw bone

  • Underbite

Maxillofacial Surgery Process

  • 1 Determine surgical plan

  • 2 Complete the preoperative examination and preparation

  • 3 Begin maxillofacial surgery

  • 4 Postoperative refinement trimming

  • 5 Observation

Common problems in maxillofacial surgery

  • QHow long will it take for full recovery?

    AEndoscopic minimally invasive orthognathic, the entire surgical procedure takes 60 minutes. Thanks to leading dental technology of minimally invasive painless surgery. Most patients are to expect a quick recovery, a minimum of 7 days are required for full recovery. The set of fully restored teeth can be used immediately and does not affect eating, talking and other daily activities.

  • QThe younger the more suitable for maxillofacial surgery?

    AIt is not suitable for anyone without a full grown human skeletal. To solve the problem of bone deformity, surgeons will have to wait until a women pass the age of 16 and 18 for men. It also based on the bone development for special cases.