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Root Fracture Dental Post and Crown Restoration – Immediate Implant Placement

Age: 43

Sex: Female

Symptoms: Root fracture crown restoration

Diagnosis: Extraction with immediate implant

Attending Physician: Dr. Lu Yong Hui

Location: Luohuo VIP Implant Center 

Ms. Wang’s experienced a broken teeth post near the left maxillary teeth. As a corporate executive, her broken teeth bring a great impact on her image. Ms. Wang cares about her overall health, she is desperate for a solution and wants an answer.

Through online inquiries Ms. Wang was determined to have dental implants. A friend reminded her that an implant restoration surgery may take up to 8 months which Ms. Wang could not afford. A relative of Ms. Wang also encountered a similar situation, but he received an implant in an hour and was ready for use. Through referral, Wang came to AKJ VIP dental implant center. Dr. Lu Yong Hui carefully examined her oral condition and personal needs, then proposed an extraction immediate implant placement.

She decided to have the United States Bicon Implant System digitized immediate implant technique.

X-rays after the dental implants

The dentist first cleaned the residual on Ms. Wang maxillary teeth. Using minimal invasive technology, a small opening was preciously cut. Next, an implant post was drilled in place and finally a temporary crown was placed on top of the post. Shortly after an hour of operation, Ms. Wang was able to go back to her office and work with confidence.


Before and after the implant surgery

Disclaimer: only one case, the effect varies