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Cost of Dental Implant in Shenzhen

Published on:2019-11-15

Dental implant is an effective way to restore a missing tooth. It functions similar to a natural tooth. With a number of advantages, it imposes no age limits for patients. Compared to dentures, it performs better with regard to both aesthetics and durability. Many people wonder how much it costs. Actually its cost varies, mainly depending on the material and the specific condition of patients. At your first visit, your dentist will make an assessment and individualized treatment plan which includes the material and the total cost, according to your checkup result. Here come a few factors impacting its cost. 


1. The oral condition of patients

Such factors as the number of tooth loss, the height of alveolar bone and the presence of periodontal disease, will all impact the total cost. Therefore, the cost of dental implant cannot be determined until a professional examination and customized treatment plan are taken. 


2. Materials of dental implant

The materials of both implant post and crown are closed linked with the treatment cost. Currently there are quite a few brands of dental implant, including domestic and imported ones. According to different requirements of different patients, different implant systems will be applied and different materials will be chosen, leading to a different cost correspondingly. 


 3.Qualifications and experience of dentist

Implant surgery is so complicated that it can only be conducted by dentist with rich experience and advanced technique, with a purpose of avoiding complications and failure. Issues related to health are no small issues. It’s of great significance for patients to seek implant treatment from a professional dental hospital which equips advanced instruments and experienced dentists. Without doubt, the surgery conducted by a specialist will cost more. 


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