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Published on:2018-3-19

    There are various causes for toothache. Among them tooth decay is the most common one. In the wake of occurrence of toothache, it’s of great significance to take a thorough oral checkup and figure out its underlying cause, so as to seek proper treatment correspondingly. 



    Here are some causes of toothache.

    •    Infection

    •    Gum disease

    •    Teeth grinding (bruxism)

    •    Tooth trauma

    •    An abnormal bite

    •    Tooth eruption (in babies and school-age children)

    •    Tooth fracture 

    •    A damaged filling




    If toothache has continued for over one day, seek medical evaluation and treatment as soon as possible, preventing further complications down the road. Likewise, if there is fever, earache or pain when opening their mouth wide, get to your family practitioner in time. It’s suggested to schedule regular oral checkup and dental cleaning every year, with a purpose to detect and address potential problems. By no means can we ignore our oral health, which is closely linked with our overall health as well as our way of eating and speaking.


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